Taxation Information

Distribution Information

Year Ending Total Amount Paid Tax Deferred Distribution Interest Income Other Australian Income
30-Jun-14 8.8000 1.5380 0.0630 7.1990
31-Dec-14 7.9000 1.4906 0.0367 6.3727
30-Jun-15 8.4000 6.8562 0.0474 1.4964
31-Dec-15 9.0000 1.7484 0.0177 7.2339
30-Jun-16 9.3000 2.0685 0.0103 7.2212
31-Dec-16 22.2000 11.8655 0.0040 10.3305
30-Jun-17 9.9000 5.6650  0.0022  4.2328 
Totals 75.5000  31.2322  0.1813  44.0865 

No Company dividends have been declared or paid.

Australian resident stapled securityholders should not rely on this information for the purpose of completing their income tax returns.

Details of the full year components of distributions are provided in the annual tax statement which is forwarded to securityholders each year. Stapled securityholders should contact Link Market Services if they fail to receive their Annual Taxation Statement.

MIT Fund Payment History for Non-residents

Hotel Property Investments Limited, the Responsible Entity of Hotel Property Investment Trust, considers the Trust is a Managed Investment Trust (MIT) in relation to the income year ended 30 June 2017 for the purposes of Subdivision 12-H of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth).

Detailed below are the fund payments for Hotel Property Investments (ASX: HPI). This information is provided solely for the purposes of Subdivision 12-H and should not be used for any other purpose.

MIT Fund Payment History

Payment Date Total Amount Paid Component subject to fund payment withholding Component subject to other non-resident withholding
18-Sep-14 8.8000 7.1990 0.0630
6-Mar-15 7.9000 6.3727 0.0367
11-Sep-15 8.4000 1.4964 0.0474
4-Mar-16 9.0000 7.2339 0.0177
9-Sept-16 9.3000 7.2212 0.0103
6-Mar-17 22.2000 10.3305 0.0040
6-Sep-17 9.9000 4.2328 0.0022

The MIT information above, is only relevant for non-resident unitholders and custodians of non-resident unitholders. The MIT information is not relevant for Australian resident unitholders for the purposes of completing their income tax returns. Details of the full year components of distributions will be provided in the annual tax statement.